Jonathan Cheban From ‘Spin Crowd’ Is Crazy!

Spin CrowdAnother day, another reality show about the on-goings of a supposedly glamorous lifestyle -- this one being the world of PR.

E!'s new show, The Spin Crowd, follows Jonathan Cheban as he runs his agency called Command PR. This guy is nuts -- he makes the boss from The Devil Wears Prada look like your sweet old grandma.


Last night's episode revealed just how abrasive this guy really is, telling the sweet new hire Erika that she should dress more like her co-worker Lauren. Cue shot to bimbo with her boobs hanging out.

He then suggests ("suggesting" being making the appointment and paying for it) that she get lip injections because "this is Hollywood." When she tearfully comes back with her monster lips and admits that she didn't get the permanent treatment, he goes ballistic, calls her homely (seriously? The girl is gorgeous!), and is appalled at how rude of a move that was on her part.

There are so many things wrong with this picture ...

So who is behind this show that relishes in superficiality? Executive producer Kim Kardashian, who else? That explains a lot, including the random glamour shots of her in the first episode. Conceited, much?


Have you watched The Spin Crowd? What do you think of the lip injections? Would you get a treatment like that for a job?


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