'Big Brother 12' Recap: Team Britney All the Way!

Big Brother 12 houseguest Britney
Big Brother 12's Britney, sitting pretty
Big Brother 12 is getting better and better. The Brigade is on the brink of a meltdown. The saboteur's "reign of terror" ended with a bang. Matt shocked the house with the Diamond Power of Veto. I loved every minute of it!

Being safe this week must have boosted Ragan's confidence. Instead of another silly message, he left a note saying "I know your secret. -S" under Enzo's pillow. Enzo is beyond paranoid, so this was perfect. Watching it unfold for a few minutes was good, but imagine how entertaining it was in real life! He's probably still talking about it right now somewhere in the house.

The houseguests more or less decide Kathy's the saboteur. Sucks to be her. People have been evicted from Big Brother for less ...


And evicted she is, unanimously so, when Matt uses the Diamond POV. Even though I hate that the women are out, I'm happy to see Kathy go. I don't particularly like floaters, especially those who barely try. There's a fine line between floating as a strategy and floating because you don't have a strategy, and I always thought Kathy was on the side of no strategy.

Britney's the last woman standing and she's already a strong competitor, so she was completely on for the competition. It came down to her and Enzo, and Britney won HOH.

During the competition, I wondered:

  1. Is Enzo finally done throwing competitions? He needs to step it up if he doesn't want everyone to realize he's a floater, which they will as numbers dwindle.
  2. Did Matt throw the competition? The look he gave the camera after losing implied he did. If so, I'm a bit puzzled by this move and think it'll hurt him.

The thing is, this week is going to make or break Brendon. Britney is going to target him for sure, but now it's a numbers game and a matter of influence. If Brendon gets to Enzo and Hayden quickly, he can become the new Brigade member. Then, if Britney nominates Matt or Ragan against him, he has the votes to stay. This game is getting so good, I can hardly stand it!

Who do you think Britney will nominate and who do you want to see gone this week?


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