'Burn Notice' Recap: Jesse Seeks Revenge

Burn Notice Blind SpotLast week's Burn Notice was hard to beat, but the latest, "Blind Spot," came close.

The main storyline moved at snail's pace, but it didn't matter because 1) the side job was the most entertaining this season, and 2) the last few minutes were so good, it made up for any lack of drama.

Michael and Jesse are luring in big-wig CEO John Barrett. They set up a trap and send one of his men back with pages from the bible cipher. Yawn.

But, as I said, the entertainment was in the side job.


They're helping a woman duped by a charming womanizer, Charles. Their plan consists of drugging Charles, and they seemed to reach a dead end several times. This could have been terrible, but Fi and Sam were great. Fi hates Charles and wants him dead within minutes of meeting him. Sam is hilarious as "Chuck," the equally charming womanizer who has to befriend Charles.

You know what else was great? The one-liners. It's as if the writers took a break this season and delivered their best lines in one episode. My favorite was when they told the client their plan and she said it "sounds insane." Fiona quips back, "Insane is one of our specialties." That only nearly beat out when, later in the episode, the client asked if they keep a manual for their insane plans and Sam admits they make it up as they go along.

And then there was the sexual tension between Fi and Jesse. After making out in the car to avoid blowing their cover, they spent the rest of the time being awkward around each other. That is, until the end of the episode when Jesse almost kills Fi.

As it turns out, security footage shows Michael running away from the building where, at the same time, Jesse was getting fired. He confronts Fiona and she insists they've been trying to make it right, but he doesn't buy it. He doesn't kill her, of course, but it was still a great scene.

Now Jesse's after Michael, but Michael's after Mr. Merchant of Death CEO. Next week's episode is the last one of the summer, and I can't wait to watch!

Will Jesse make it out alive? Where do you want the next episode to leave us?


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