'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Recap: The Salahis Are Extravagant, Cheap Ballers

Tareq and Michaele SalahiI hope Tareq and Michaele Salahi are masterminding a huge publicity stunt in which they're just pretending to be obnoxious and annoying enough to stir publicity from which they somehow hope to profit.

Sadly, I think it's just how they really are.

On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C., there was a  yet another white limo to deliver the Salahis to a winery. No police escort this time, but still, to meet two friends in the middle of the day at a winery, one still might think: PRETENTIOUS!


At the winery, they met Stacie and Jason who were headed to Paris to see Jason's brother, a hip hop singer, perform in a few days. Somehow the Salahis considered themselves invited and decided they just may go.

"They are big ballers if they come to Paris on three days notice," Stacie said.

And big ballers those Salahis are. They showed up in Paris and started passing around $1,000 bottles of Dom. We also saw what an incredibly bad dancer Michaele is. White girl has no, and I mean NO, rhythm.

Meanwhile back home in D.C. ... remember that party the Salahis hosted for stylist Paul Wharton last week?

Well, apparently "host" in Salahi terms means make the party all about you, bring one bottle of champagne, which you launch at Lynda Erkiletian's ass, and refuse to pay a dime for the whole shindig ... even though you tell people you did.

Paul's publicist says she got a call the day of the party from the Salahis' attorney saying they wouldn't set foot in the party unless there was a SIGNED document saying they weren't responsible for a penny of the party.

Then there was the final dinner of the evening during which Tareq bragged about how much weight Michaele has gained since meeting him.

"She gained at least 20 pounds in beautiful places after we met," he tells the unimpressed crowd. "She has gained weight ever since she married Mr. Salahi here."

Of course he's one to talk about himself in the third person. Of course, he is.

The he attempts to defend her against anorexia rumors.

"She'll eat a whole filet mignon, a whole chicken breast," he said.

What, in a week?

Like I said, I hope the Salahis are all show, but I just don't think they can possibly be that smart.

Do you think the Salahis are really as ostentatious, pretentious, and cheap as they appear to be

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