'Real Housewives' Plastic Surgery Secrets

The "before" picture
Michaele Salahi, former White House gatecrasher and current cast member of the Real Housewives of DC is about to embark on a Real Housewife rite of passage: She wants to undergo surgery to transform her paltry B-cup breasts into a robust, camera-ready pair of Cs.

It seems to me that all of the ladies have gotten at least one body part either enhanced, shaped, nipped, tucked or otherwise pulled and smacked into shape. In fact, I conducted an (extremely) unscientific study of procedures that housewives from all of the cities have either readily admitted to, or been rumored to have undergone. (Rumored in that one-look-and-you-think-what-are-you-crazy-of-course-she-did-it-kind of way.)  

Here's what I discovered:


Excluding Botox injections, I counted 36 procedures for housewives across New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County.

Most Popular Procedure: Breast implants, by a landslide. I counted 17, or, more accurately, 34 of them. Special mention must go to Danielle Staub, who bit the bullet and underwent four herself. Another shout out goes to Orange County: Every single cast member sports a larger cup size than God intended.

Housewife With the Most Procedures: Danielle Staub takes it again with four breast implant surgeries, a face lift, nose job, brow lift and lip injections. But Lauri Waring Peterson of Orange County makes a more than respectable showing with a nose job, cheek and chin implants and lip plumping, not to mention face and brow lifts.

Housewife With The Fewest Procedures: Caroline Manzo -- zero.  

Most Tenacious Housewife: Danielle and her boobs win by a hair, but acknowledgment of stick-to-itiveness must go to NeNe Leakes of Atlanta, who's presently sitting at three nose jobs and counting.

Do you think any of the housewives are truly real?

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