'True Blood' on 'Rolling Stone': Bloody, Naked Vampire Sex Has Jaws Dropping ... and Bloggers Yammering

true blood rolling stoneTalk about the sexiest vampires ever. Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer of True Blood are showing a lot of skin -- and a fair share of blood -- on the September issue of Rolling Stone.

The coverline reads: "They're hot. They're sexy. They're undead." Check, check, and check.

They're also really bloody and not everyone loves the shot. Here's what the blogosphere is saying about the racy cover.


"From a personal level, 1/3 of this SHOULD be major win, but man these dudes are cramping Anna Paquin’s style. Get out of her way and let her flex, fella!" -- Jay Tomio, BSC Review

"Um. Wow. 'True Blood’s' risky business is rubbing off on pop culture in general. The cover of the new Rolling Stone is sure to turn some heads. Maybe even some stomachs. I know there’s not much you can do to shock America these days, but I imagine this cover could cause some controversy." -- Branden, Hollywood Hills

"It's definitely messed up, as it takes three gorgeous people completely nude and then ruins the image with blood. It's a bit like putting chocolate pudding on a pizza." -- John Kubicek, Buddy TV

"Bound to cause a bit of a kerfuffle I would imagine!" -- Mark Cassidy, Comic Book Movie

"Arrgggghhhh! (That’s the sound I made when I first saw the True Blood cast on the cover of Rolling Stone . I’m not one to complain about Alexander Skarsgard in the buff, but yuck!)" -- Jen, Scandal Sheet

"We see these three people covered in blood every week. What would really be shocking? Seeing them newly showered and digging into a plate of carrots." -- Leslie Gornstein, Ministry of Gossip

The "True Blood" issue of Rolling Stone will be on newsstands tomorrow, August 18.

What do you think of it?
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