Whitney Cummings' Show Debuts This Week (That's Why She Was Such a B*tch)

whitney cummingsStand-up comedian Whitney Cummings made headlines earlier this week with her raunchy, barbed performance at David Hasselhoff's Roast on Comedy Central -- earning some serious accolades in the process. (She really did kill it.)

Now, we learn that the Chelsea Lately regular has a stand-up special called Whitney Cummings: Money Shot, which premieres this weekend on Comedy Central.

No wonder she was so on her game!


Cummings managed to shock, horrify, and still entertain the audience with her bawdy, lacerating jokes aimed primarily at George Harrison, Pam Anderson, and, of course, Hasselhoff himself. Her performance was by far the edgiest -- and funniest -- of the evening even if it did have cringe-worthy moments like this:

David Hasselhoff's d*** is like a Polaroid picture: No one uses it anymore, and shaking it doesn't make it appear any faster."

You can bet there's much of the same in her new show; previews say she'll be covering topics like male strippers, fake boobs and getting spanked in the bedroom.

I shudder to think what her show holds in store ...  but you can bet I'll be tuning (with earmuffs at the ready, just in case).

What do you think of Whitney Cummings' performance?

Image via Comedy Central

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