'Joey & Melissa' Premieres Tonight: Will You Watch?

Melissa & JoeyTwo of my favorite 90s child stars are now all grown up and pairing together for a new TV show -- Clarissa  Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Russo Lawrence.


(Sorry, couldn't let that one go).



The two will star in an ABC Family comedy titled Melissa & Joey. Gee, they sure never stray far from the actors' real names, do they?

These two actors are few and far between in that they didn't wind up up addicted to drugs or having sporadic visits in and out of rehab. They're good, wholesome quality folks (with beautiful families of their own!) and I'm happy to see them back on the small screen.

The show premieres tonight (tune in!) at 8pm EST and is about former party girl turned career-obsessed Mel (Hart) who finds herself suddenly caring for her niece and nephew when her sister is carted off to jail.

To help deal with her new parenting duties, Mel hires Joe, played by Lawrence, as a "manny," who's a former hot shot banker dude that's been banned from the trading world after a scandal.

Will it be a ground-breaking, gotta-watch-every-episode kind of show? Probably not. But I bet it's lighthearted and fun, which is a nice change of pace from what's on TV right now (*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*).

Do you think you'll watch this new show?


Image via ABC.com

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