'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Barfing, Betrayal and a Coup for the Cool Kids

Bachelor Pad

Jessie S. and Craig M.

This week on Bachelor Pad, the team lines were drawn. It's now "The Insiders" (also known as the "cool kids" or "popular kids") versus "The Outsiders". Yep, just like high school ... in so many, many ways.

First up was one of the grossest pie eating contests ever.

Not allowed to use their hands, the women dove first into the pies. Besides tasting like vomit, no one really said what flavor. Apparently, not a good one, as most of the women were barfing between bites.

It was not pretty.


While it was a close contest down to the last crumbs between Tenley and Gia, Gia finished first. Leave it to the swimsuit model to win an eating contest.

There was, thankfully, no vomiting from the guys; and Weatherman shocked everyone with a win.

Weatherman chose Gwen, Peyton and Ashley to go on the date in which they rolled around in swimsuits (a Speedo again for Weatherman) and paint. He's gaga for Gwen and gave her the rose. He also recruited Peyton and Ashley to team Outsiders.

Gia took Craig M, Wes and Jesse B. on the date with the intention of giving Craig M. the rose. She even told Craig M. on the date that he was getting it. Then Wes professed his love for her, and Gia (who has a boyfriend) swooned.

She screwed Craig M. and her team and gave Wes the rose instead.

Then a lot of other backstabbing, promises, lies, hooking up and crying happened, before it was time to find out who goes home.

In the end, Nikki, who promised to vote Kiptyn off, broke that promise and voted Craig M. off. That was enough to send him home, and The Outsiders lost one. Nikki is now a leper who no one will trust.

The guys sent home Jessie S. who tried to play both sides. I'm just glad to have one less Jessie/Jesse to keep track of. And since Jesse Kovacs abruptly lost his first name, things are going to be much less confusing ... well, at least when it comes to names.

The best line of the night came from Elizabeth: "I'm a dumb smart girl". Uh, yeah.

Previews for next week look juicy -- lots of kissing; and Gia may be straying from her boyfriend. Did she really say Wes is ike a modern-day Shakespeare only better?

Alll in all, I've got to say Bachelor Pad does not disappoint.

Are you watching Bachelor Pad? What do you think and who do you want to win?

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