'Big Brother 12' Recap: Meow Meow Wants Brendon in the Brigade

Big Brother 12 houseguests Brendon and Rachel
Big Brother 12's Brendon and Rachel
My Big Brother 12 prediction last week came true: Brendon won HOH. The person with everything to gain and nothing to lose will win in Big Brother. Especially when they're blinded by love.

Brendon's win didn't create quite the drama I hoped (not yet, anyway). With his win came the power to choose the Have Nots for the week and, unsurprisingly, he chose Britney, Ragan, and Matt. Aside from that, things were quiet in the house ... until he made a weird move and put up Lane and Ragan as this week's nominees.

Brendon, what on earth are you doing??


The houseguests are as confused as I am, and I'd like to find somebody who actually understands this move. He said it's because he wants floaters out and wants the two people at the end to deserve it. If that's the case, then shouldn't he put up Enzo and Kathy who have never gotten close to winning a competition? Is he really just trying to backdoor Britney? Brendon, I don't get you!

The other interesting thing about this otherwise boring episode was hearing Hayden and Enzo talk about the status of The Brigade. They want to focus their efforts on getting rid of the remaining side alliances -- Matt's partner Ragan, and Lane's partner Britney. And they're already talking about bringing Brendon into The Brigade.

I think it's a smart move for The Brigade and certainly for Brendon, but will it work? Will Matt and Brendon ever agree to work together? And, assuming they go through with this, who will make it to the final four? Will the original Brigade members drop Brendon, or will he be able to sneak his way into the final four? This is the most interesting development in a while, and I'm excited to see it play out.

Were you surprised by Brendon's nominations? Do you think he'll become part of The Brigade?


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