'Entourage' Recap: C@cksuckers and Cocaine

entourage recap ari goldThe other shoe, the one loaded with a toe full of lead, has finally dropped -- right on Ari's foot whereupon it did an amazing ricochet landing squarely on Vinnie's backside. In this week's Entourage, Deadline Hollywood broke the story that ended Ari's NFL dreams and Vinnie Chase pulls a Lindsay "Blohan."


Let's talk Ari first. Things were looking up for Mr. Gold towards the middle of the episode. After he got word that Lizzie Grant and his rival Amanda Daniels ended their alliance to destroy his life, he went straight for the jugular, spewing forth gushes of earnest honesty. "My wife made me" was more or less his reasoning for refusing Lizzie a promotion she felt she very much deserved. Plus, she wasn't ready for the big time yet, clearly evidenced by her vindictive streak of episodes past.

Nevertheless, she has learned her lesson from her tit-a-tat with Ari Gold. Give me something I want (a job at a studio) and I'll give you something you want (the infamous tapes). Done deal, apart from the fact that Lenny Kravitz doesn't want to be objectified as a shirtless rock star. It's a long story involving a separate tit-for-tat between Ari and former lover Dana Gordon, now head of the would-be-studio that might employ Lizzie ... but only if Lenny takes his shirt off.   

In the end, Ari gets the tapes back, but he ends up bloodied after all. Deadline Hollywood runs a story on its website with the headline: "Ari to Staff: ‘You're All C&nts and C@cksuckers.'" Yikes. Ari swallows a mouthful of bile while his phone rings off the hook. He picks up the line with the NFL first and is told, "We don't do scandals." On hold, his wife. Oy vey ... poor Ari.

Vinnie, in the meantime, is completely spiraling out of control. He has gone porn star wild. He's lounging on leather sofas, partying with topless models, drinking, smoking weed. Nothing new, except ... he's now doing blow. Yes, we have reached that part of the biopic where our protagonist snorts his way through a montage of destructive behavior. Cue the psychedelic soundtrack, we've got a drug-addled movie star on our hands. 

I blame his new lifestyle on two people, as he can hardly be held accountable. One, Turtle. He is so blinded by his own ambition that he has left his friend hanging out to dry. For those of us in the real world, loading a guy like Vinnie up on tequila in a mansion packed with strippers, professional basketball players, porn stars, and cocaine is the equivalent of ditching a drunk girlfriend at a frat party with a sign on her chest that reads, "Take full advantage of me." Secondly, I blame Sasha Grey. I had high hopes for her, but she's turned out to be a bit of an enabler.

Did you catch this week's Entourage? In which case, who's really losing his bananas: Johnny the misunderstood gorilla or Vinnie the out-of-control movie star?


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