Is 'Glee' Going Off the Air?


Glee is moving, but chill out folks, it's just moving to Broadway, and the TV-version will continue. It's the best of both show-tune worlds!

Ryan Murphy, the brains behind the hit TV show Glee, has been offered a four-year contract, and in that contract is the option of bringing it to the stage.


This show molds Broadway and television, so of course it will easily convert into a musical. At the August 11 New York opening of his film Eat Pray Love, Murphy told the New York Daily News that a Broadway-aimed theatrical version of the series was "definitely" happening. "I'm auditioning people now," he said. Murphy declined to reveal his top casting choices. "I don’t know just yet," he said. "You'll see."

I would love to see Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison take their places back on stage, but that might mean having to sacrifice Mr. Schuester and Rachel Berry on Tuesday nights in my living room -- not sure I'd be able to do that.

Do you think Glee would do well on Broadway? Who would you love to see cast in the musical?


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