'Burn Notice' Recap: Simon Returns, Michael's Being Played

Burn Notice Garret Dillahunt as Simon
Simon on Burn Notice, looking like Jacob
Was Burn Notice great this week, or what? "Hard Time" was the first episode in a while that had me completely captivated in both the side job and the main story arc. A Burn Notice classic, if you will.

The root of my interest in the main story arc was obvious: Simon returned. It's hard to think of a villain on Burn Notice or any other show that I love more than Simon. The character is sneaky, creepy, deceptive, unpredictable ... everything you want in a villain. And Garret Dillahunt plays the role incredibly well.

By the way, in a random observation before continuing with this storyline, was anybody else reminded of Jacob from Lost when Simon was dressed in white, walking along the beach? No? Okay, I guess that was just me then ... moving on!


Simon doesn't exactly help Michael in his goal of decoding the bible cipher, but he gives him two pieces of critical information: A powerful businessman is after the bible, and Vaughn had a hand in burning Michael. Dun dun dunnnnn!

Vaughn's a weird character, so I wasn't surprised by this reveal, especially since it's been hinted at before. But knowing how Michael might react to this news got me really excited. I hope it involves explosives.

The side job this week was also really good. Michael helped out Sam's friend by breaking into prison, trying to break out, and then breaking out the bad guy instead. As you can imagine, there was not a dull moment in any of that.

Jesse took a back seat in this episode, but it's okay. I think they're just trying to stall this whole Jesse discovering the truth thing for as long as they can. With only two episodes left in the season (can you believe it?!), they can't possibly stall for much longer. I can't wait for the fireworks in that episode!

Did you enjoy this episode and the return of Simon? What do you think is in store for the rest of the season?


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