'SYTYCD' Finale: These Kids Can Dance, But Who's the Best?

Last night's episode of SYTYCD was, hands down, the best finale this show has ever seen. All three performers brought their A game and the reality of this reality show is that it truly is anyone's game at this point. I am a professed Lauren fan, but Kent really blew me away tonight. I was left jaw to the floor at the close of the show. And then of course I went back and watched my favorites again.


Rather than attempting to give a play by play of last night's performances -- because the reality is I couldn't possibly do these kids justice -- I'll let the judges do the talking. They said it best last night and for once I agreed with every word they said:

After watching Kent and all-star Lauren, Mia Michaels says, "It was the perfect tailored Bollywood number for you." She even goes as far as to say it was "Kentish." Adam Shankman is blown away by his precision, and really credits his commitment considering the amount of dancing they were set to do over the course of the night. Later on when Kent is paired with all-star Allison, Adam sees that Kent is visibly moved by the piece he had just danced (a Stacey Tookey piece about a failing relationship) and asks him why. Kent replies that he was so emotionally involved with the piece that the movement didn't really matter to him anymore. Kent has just become an artist. Shankman ends with, "I am so proud of you. You don't need this show. You are brilliant." Serious words. For real.

After watching Lauren dance with all-star Twitch, Nigel says, "This is anyone's night to win, and all three of you deserve it." He adds that Lauren "transfixed them, having danced so strongly." Mia says Lauren "laid it down on the stage." She also adds that Lauren has been "consistent and trustworthy," an attribute that choreographers can depend on. Lauren never lets them down. Shankman loves the fact that she actually campaigned via her dance in the finale. He thought it was brilliant and calls her one of the best female dancers he has ever seen. Mia then pays her the ultimate compliment and says, "If I were still dancing, I would want to dance just like you." WOW!

Throughout the night, Robert is praised for his growth and ability to not only stay grounded, but become even more humble as a dancer -- by all three judges at different points in the show. Mia goes on to say that his performance with Lauren -- a contemporary piece choreographed by Dee Caspary -- is his "most delicious" performance yet. Adam caps off the critique by saying, "That was such an extraordinary piece about action and reaction .... One word: magnificent." Overall it's clear that the judges truly respect Robert and are enamored by how intensely he has emotionally grown throughout the course of the show.

These kids can definitely dance. There is no question about that. Now the only answer that remains to be revealed is who does America think is the best?

I'm still Team Lauren all the way. Although I will be thrilled if Kent wins as well, as I truly believe he has earned it. I put Robert in third. I agree that he's a brilliant dancer, but I don't buy his humble routine. Something about him just doesn't sit well with me.

Who do you think America's best dancer is?

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