'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale: Is Hanna Dead?

Pretty Little Liars
On Liars, A. sends the girls on a scavenger hunt at Mona's glamping party.
The Pretty Little Liars summer finale had it all -- glamping, romance, and, of course, danger. What's not to love!

And talk about a cliffhanger! Alas, we'll have to wait till January for the second half of season one. How am I gonna survive the suspense?

In the meantime, though, here's what you missed!


First things first -- did it really bug anyone else that Aria was totally rocking a men's tie as a belt? I mean, complete with safety pins. That just didn't work for me.

Okay, to the point -- so it's Hanna's sidekick Mona's birthday, and she's invited all the girls to her glamping shindig. Get it? Glamour and camping. Meaning massages and pedis all out in the woods. It's apparently the latest.

Anyway, Mona's been a bit of a pain in the ass lately, and her diva-esque demands are only escalating since it's her birthday. She commands Hanna's attention -- or else. So when Hanna misses her birthday lunch because she's been called to the principal's office, Mona decides she's cutting her off. So she uninvites her to her party. The rest of the girls are still welcome, though.

They're all dealing with individual dramas: Emily's dad is back from Afghanistan, yay! Hanna's mom is having money issues and may lose their (super-cute) apartment. Aria's parents are still separated. And Spencer's reconciling with her sister, whose ex-boyfriend Ian -- another guy Spencer secretly smooched -- is back in town and wants to get back together.

At the principal's office, federal agents -- yes, FBI! -- tell the girls that they've found a video of dead pal Alison from the night she was killed. And she was with her older man at the kissing rock, wearing outcast Toby's sweatshirt! Eeeps. So that's it, right? The killer is Toby? Too bad he's still MIA.

Except he's not. He shows up in the back seat of Emily's car. He tells her that he did see Alison that night, and he did give her his sweatshirt. But he didn't kill her. Eventually, the police catch poor Toby. So they think it's a wrap, right? Only the girls know it's not, because A.'s still out there.

They wanna bail on the party, but our Gossip Girl from the grave stalker has issued an invite they can't refuse -- be there or be square says the text, because A.'s about to send our fear-filled foursome on a major scavenger hunt.

Before the party, though, Aria reconnects with her hottie English teacher Ezra Fitz, who is totally jealous of her new relationship with football star Noel. A. plants a copy of Ezra's poem about Aria in her locker, which just tears that still-bleeding wound right open.

Mona is too funny. She goes all out with this party, complete with swag bags, cabanas, and multiple masseuses. She's too busy counting gifts and firing off snarky one-liners to notice that the girls have gone missing.

Spencer and Emily are off following A.'s cryptic clues, but Aria and Ezra eventually reconnect -- in the back seat of his car. But naturally, A. spies them.

Pretty Little Liars
Hanna knew too much!
Hanna has been keeping tabs on the situation -- complete with binoculars -- from afar, since she's been uninvited to the party. So she sees Aria and Mr. Fitz getting hot and heavy in the car, too. She also sees A. writing his nasty little message on the steamed-up window. That's right, Hanna sees A. And she recognizes him. Yup, him. Apparently, this plays out differently on the show than it did in the books.

Before she can reveal what she knows to the rest of the girls, she gets run over by a car. And the girls get a text. Hanna knew too much.

Is Hanna dead? Will the girls find out who A. is? You'll have to wait till January to find out -- because that's when the rest of season one will air.

Argggh! Thank God Glee's back in the meantime.

Did you guess who A. was? And more importantly, have you ever been glamping?


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