Pregnant Melissa Rycroft Should Skip the 'Bachelor Pad' Hot Tub

I can't imagine many places I would less like to be pregnant than on the show the Bachelor Pad where dozens of uber-attractive 20-somethings are hooking up, fighting, and clawing their way toward a $250,000 goal. But for show co-host Melissa Rycroft, that is the reality of this reality show.

The former contestant on The Bachelor who was famously dumped by Jason Mesnick found her own happy ending when she married Tye Strickland this past December.

Rycroft's Dancing With the Stars and making out in hot tubs days have passed her by. She announced last week that she and her husband are expecting. She has admitted that the pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, albeit a joyful one. And now she's going to have the fun of sharing her burgeoning belly with all the nubile hotties from Bachelor shows past.

It kind of makes me wonder how she is going to handle it all.


She seems like a sweet person. Or, at least, editing would like us to believe she is. Nevertheless, she did go on a reality show to find love.

I have a theory that 95 percent of the people looking for love on reality shows are programmed to have some kind of Pavlovian dog response to the sight of frothy warm water pooling in a tub.

"I see hot tub, must get nude and kiss person of opposite sex."

Or something.

Let's hope Rycroft can resist the urge. But seriously, it's bad enough to experience all the joys of the first trimester of pregnancy -- flatulence, bloating, exhaustion, round ligament pain -- without having to do it alongside taut abs, tanned skin, and perky boobs all day.

I say good luck to Melissa. Some advice: Get yourself a good maternity swimsuit and make sure to get that doctor's note specifying that pregnant women are never supposed to go hot tubbing. Trust me on this.

How do you think she will handle it all?


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