Is 'SYTYCD' Judge Mia Michaels Racist or Just a Bitch?

AdéChiké on So You Think You Can Dance
AdéChiké on SYTYCD 
If you've been following So You Think You Can Dance this season, you know that AdéChiké has never been a judge favorite. Sure, he got praise on a few dances here and there, but he never found his way into the hearts of the judges, certainly not Mia Michaels.

Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Week after week, the judges found something to critique, and on some nights he was practically in tears as they ripped him apart. Mia Michaels was especially harsh on him, even flailing when host Cat Deeley pointed out how hard they were being on him compared to the disaster that was Jose.

Last week was particularly bad, as they made it clear that they didn't want AdéChiké in the top three. In trying to figure out what made him get such undeserved criticism, many have said it's racism. Now Mia Michaels is speaking up, and she's not at all happy.


Mia said to PopEater,

I could care less what color their skin is, or how big they are, what their weight is. I look at their performance. I look at their integrity as an artist. I look at their technicality. I look strictly at that. People are trying to find something that isn't there. They're digging into the wrong areas.

Of course, one problem is that many believe Jose didn't have the performance, integrity, or technicality to warrant the praise he received, so that doesn't exactly explain it.

She goes on to say:

Yes, I mean, years ago I was engaged to an African American, actually, a Cuban guy.

Okay, who's going to tell her that African American and Cuban aren't the same thing? You're not helping your cause here, Mia.

It's not so surprising that the judges are getting this negative attention. In fact, the season started with rumblings of racism when fan favorite Anthony Burrell did not make the Top 11. Remember him? The guy who wowed all the judges and who had, by the judges' own account, one of the best auditions in SYTYCD history? He suffered an injury and didn't make it on the show, but some wondered if having two black contemporary dancers somehow exceeded their quota.

In seasons past, many judge favorites have been black -- Twitch, Joshua, Russell -- but some claim that perhaps they were only favorites because they were hip hop dancers who excelled in other styles. Could it be that they prefer hip hop dancers over others? That would surely explain Jose.

So is SYTYCD racist? That's debatable, but one thing's for sure, no amount of drama is going to take away from the SYTYCD season 7 finale this week. (If you need a refresher, check out our SYTYCD recaps.)

Do you agree with these claims of racism or do you think there's nothing to it?


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