Kate Gosselin (Dis)Graces the Emmys With Her Presence

gosselinThis just in: Reality TV mega-star Kate Gosselin will be making an appearance on the Emmy Awards. Minus Jon and minus 8, I suppose. An exclusive from Eonline is purposefully vague as to what the ubiquitous divorced mom of many will actually be doing on the broadcast.

She's not nominated. She's not a presenter. And she's surely not Bob Hope Humanitarian Award recipient George Clooney's date. 

So why is a woman who is known chiefly for breeding and her bad choice of men appearing on a show celebrating big talent on the small screen?


Seat filler?  Nah ... too well-known.

Maybe she'll be one of those models who escort winners off the stage ... away from the microphone and potentially long-winded acceptance speeches. Doubt it.

E! claims that she will make her appearance at the beginning of the broadcast and that she will be "thisclose to some of today's biggest and brightest television stars."

Hmm. My guess? Some dopey overblown Dancing With the Stars segment. Yawn. If that's the case, I may just skip the show and pop in a DVD of old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Or clean my bathroom.

But hey. If she ends up bringing the brood, maybe they can do a Snow White-inspired number.

Are you looking forward to seeing Kate Gosselin on the Emmys?  Do you even care?


Image via abc.com


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