'Bachelor Pad' Premiere Recap: The Debauchery Has Begun

Bachelor PadLike The Bachelor and The Bachelorette plus Big Brother, but on steroids, Bachelor Pad premiered tonight.

If there was any doubt it wasn't going to deliver enough drama and debauchery, those fears were quickly alleviated when the competition began with a giant game of Twister amongst the bathing-suit-clad crew of 19 hard young bodies

Contestants were selected based on their memorable behavior on past episodes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But this time, instead of competing for love, they're competing for a quarter of a million dollars.

Of course, since they're all sleeping in ONE room, love - or at least lust -- is in the air, intoxicating them almost as much as the alcohol they constantly consume.


Here are the players with the season on which each appeared.

Tenley (Jake), Jesse B. (Ali), Natalie (Jason), David (Jillian), Gwen (Aaron), Jessie S. (Jake), Weatherman (Ali), Nikki (Jason), Juan (Jillian), Wes (Jillian), Krisily (Charlie), Elizabeth (Jake), Jesse K. (Jillian), Kiptyn (Jillian), Ashley (Jake), Peyton (Andy), Michelle (Jake), Gia (Jake), Craig M.  (Ali).

It's a good mix, but did they really have to pick THREE people named Jessie/Jesse?

Depending on how many seasons you've seen (and remember) you may or may not know many them. It really doesn't matter if you haven't even seen any, because you'll quickly catch up (it's really not that complicated, trust me).

Some know each other from past seasons. For example, Weatherman and Craig M. from the most recent season of The Bachelorette with Ali Fedotowsky were reunited once again, much to Weatherman's annoyance.

The girls, led by Elizabeth, decide Craig M. should pay for how mean he was to poor Weatherman and plan to vote him off as punishment.

Only Craig thwarts their plan and wins Twister, giving him immunity and a rose to hand out to one woman. After taking Gwen, Jessie S. and Elizabeth on a date, he gives the rose to Jessie.

Right off the hook, the hookups began. First, Tensley says she thought Michelle (remember CRAZY Michelle from Jake's season?) hooked up with Craig M. so he would give her a rose. Michelle denied it and even scared the hell out of poor rainbow-brite Tenley by locking her in the bathroom and confronting her about the rumor.

Whether they did in fact hook up remained a mystery, but Michelle pretty much sealed her fate as Tenley was left shaken and crying in fear for her life.

So the first documented hookup we witnessed was between Jesse B. and bubbly, blonde Natalie who had an instant attraction to one another.

Speaking of attractions, Elizabeth is beyond smitten with Jesse K. (see how annoying all these Jesse's are?!). She professed her love for him every other minute and tried to manipulate and even threaten him into returning her feelings. She also cried more times than I could count. Run, Jesse, Run!

In the end, the women had to vote off a guy, and the guys had to vote off a woman. Michelle and Juan were sent packing. Michelle - because I think everyone feared for their safety; and Juan -- because he screwed Nikki over in the past and the women wanted to teach him a lesson.

While I say good riddance to Juan, Michelle certainly would have made for some good drama this season ... though it's pretty safe to bet there will be no shortage.

My initial predictions: Weasely Weatherman is going to go far as no one is going to hook up with him and get in the way of his game (if he has one). Everyone loves Tenley so she'll be there for awhile; and Gwen (from the second season, who won't reveal her age) could also be one of those silent sleepers.  

Did you watch the premier of Bachelor Pad? Will you watch again, and who do you think is going to win?

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