'Entourage' Recap: The Great Pubic Hair Debate

ari gold entourage My husband and I agree on many things, but a recent source of contention this viewing season has been the quality of writing on Entourage. I've been "eh, nothing's happening" and he's been smitten with the refreshingly down-to-earth nature of it all.

But no argument here, last night's episode was damn good. Turtle was called a virgin after awkwardly bedding his babe, Ari's preparing for humiliation of Gibson-like proportions, and Vince could be heading for a downward spiral.


Pubic hair was a humorous topic of conversation between the boys and the tongue-in-cheek title of this episode, "Hair." Landing strip or full monty? All rather fitting because, a. I've often wondered when having pubic hair went so out of vogue (per Johnny, in the mid-'90s), and b. because personal grooming is all about maintaining order over a wiry world of which we have so little control.

Last night, Entourage went for the full monty. By the looks of it, the show's biggest control freak, Ari, took most of the sting in his cajones.

Ari was quivering and aflutter this week, all because of one Miss Lizzie Grant. Make that Ms.

She and Amanda Daniels are out for Mr. Gold's good name and threaten to expose him for the sexist potty-mouth that he is. Whether or not he's truly sexist is open to argument. In Ari's business men and women alike say things like "go fuck yourself" with reckless abandon. The colorful Ari happens to follow that up zingers like, "Is it just me or would you look great in leather pants and gag ball?"

Needless to say, in the courts and jury of public opinion, Ari on the record isn't going to sound very nice and could end up costing him the NFL. What's worse for Ari, he's quaking in other areas of his life, namely in business and with the Mrs.

Vinnie in the meantime has tasted the punch and he likes it, the punch being a dangerous combo of Avion tequila and porn star Sasha Gray. I'm going to change my opinion of Sasha, who we discovered in the final scene is a landing strip kind of girl. She is not good for Vince. And neither is Turtle's brew. Or Twitter, for that matter. 

Eric and Scotty Lavin have lined up a huge deal (no thanks to Ari) for "Airwalker." Vinnie, in the meantime, has buried his head in quicksand -- that dangerous combo of tequila moonshine and Ms. Gray's, um, landing strip. Will he pull it together in time to seal the deal, which could potentially earn him more than $100 million?

It's a cliffhanger I actually care about.

What did you think of last night's episode? And since we're on the topic, what say you: barely there or completely bare?

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