'Big Brother 12' Recap: Rachel's Going Home, Ragan's Wreaking Havoc

Big Brother 12 houseguest Enzo
Big Brother 12's Enzo aka Meow Meow
Big Brother 12
gave us another unimpressive endurance competition this week. Kathy and Britney threw yet another competition, and the big guys were off in a flash. It came down to Ragan and Matt again, and Ragan handed the HOH over to Matt on a silver platter. Again.

The rest of the episode was frustrating, mostly because Rachel has gone from mildly amusing to completely unbearable. Hearing how clueless she is about alliances and strategy is sad, but watching the way she treats Brendon is even worse.


Frankly, Brenchel is playing this game with blinders on. Both of them are blinded by their love for the same person: Rachel. It doesn't even occur to her that people want her out because just not likable, instead thinking it's because she's been HOH twice. Her confrontations with other houseguests have also not helped matters, and her attempt this week to talk to Matt without Brendon is too little, too late. She couldn't even do that properly and Brendon was there by the end anyway. It's not at all surprising that they're both nominated again.

The bright light in this episode was Matt opening Pandora's Box. His attempt at lying about what he got from opening the box was almost as bad as Natalie's lie last year. You'd think these people would come prepared with better lies. I also don't understand how the diamond POV is valuable in a week when he's HOH and can already decide who replaces a nominee, but hopefully it's useful next week.

Meanwhile, Ragan's reaction to becoming saboteur was adorable. Even though he said he accepted because America voted for him, I'm sure he'll enjoy wreaking a bit of havoc in the house. The deal is that he does three sabotages a week for two weeks and gets $20k, but he can stay in the game after that, unlike Annie.

I can't wait for the POV competition and the return of Jeff and Jordan. Mostly, though, I can't wait for Rachel to leave this house. Hopefully it's not too late for Brendon to make a new alliance in this game and stay in the house a bit longer.

Are you convinced that Rachel is going home this week? Do you think Brendon can still salvage his game?


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