Deena Nicole Cortese: New 'Jersey Shore' Guidette

Deena Nicole CorteseIt's official: Deena Nicole Cortese is joining the cast of Jersey Shore.

Lest you be worried she won't be able to hang with the rest of the crew, know that she's a long-time friend of none other than Snooki Polizzi. Enough said.

According to MTV, Cortese describes herself as "class in a glass and party in a body."


"I bring a lot of energy to the house," Cortese told the Associated Press. "All I want to do is play games and have a good time."

She's in luck, as that's pretty much the job description.

If her Facebook page is any indication, she will bring the drama, and then some. I predict some major showdowns between Cortese and JWoww as they fight for the badass title.

Though she's currently filming with the cast, we won't actually see her on the show until Season 3.

Deena Nicole Cortese

"When I first came into the house, I was a little nervous. I didn't know what I was up against,"  Cortese told the NYDailyNews. "All these people are beautiful, on the inside and out. They welcomed me like family and I consider them brothers and sisters. They watch out for me and I watch out for them."

Speaking of out, Angelina Pivarnick won't be returning, thankfully. It's just way too painful to watch the cast pick on her. Not without reason, because she's as annoying as hell, but still it seems the humane thing to let her go ... again.

I think some new blood is just what Jersey Shore needs to take the drama to even more insane heights ... if that's even possible.

Are you excited about the new Jersey Shore girl? Any bets on which guido she'll hook up with first?

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