'Burn Notice' Recap: Gearing Up for Simon's Return

Burn Notice guest Jon Seda as Cole
Jon Seda on Burn Notice
Last night's episode of Burn Notice, "Center of the Storm," was a strange one for me.

Once again, I wanted them to spend less time on the side job and more time focusing on the bible cipher and finding Simon.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jon Seda like you can't even imagine, but I just couldn't get into that whole storyline. Maybe they could have kept him in the episode and given him a part in the main arc. (Oh, maybe they could have also told him to get a better haircut ...)

If last week's episode was Fiona-central, then this week brought it back to Michael. It was almost like they wanted to make sure we remember Michael's still the star of this show. Yet, he still faded into the background for me.


My favorite scene was between Vaughn and Fiona. Given the opportunity to help Jesse by hurting Michael, you would think Fiona would quickly blow him off. But having the tension build up and seeing that she's actually considering it, if even for a brief moment, is great. Vaughn senses it too, which is why he warns Fiona that Michael is already being consumed by the very lifestyle and attitude Fiona fears.

Even in the scenes between Michael and Cole, I was more impressed by their chemistry and by the complexities of Cole's character than Michael's bad-assness. (I know that's not a word, but I'm making it one.)

Overall, the episode was okay, but all it really did was get me excited for the return of my favorite villain, Simon. I got the feeling that this was the episode's only real purpose: to start the countdown for his return.

I think the problem this season is that Michael is still his usual campy self, and while the storylines are as implausible as ever, some of the guest stars have taken a different approach than others in the past.

The actress who played Kendra made her character very believable, Cole's character was equal parts tough and vulnerable, and even Jesse is not as over-acted as he could be. They break up what we're used to from Burn Notice which is good in some ways, but also makes the ridiculousness of Burn Notice more noticeable. And, of course, that's why we love it in the first place! So I'm just torn ...

Do you agree that this season has changed the formula? Do you think it's for the better or worse? Most importantly, are you as excited about Simon coming back as I am?


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