'Big Brother 12' Recap: Kristen Has a Boyfriend & Tries to Steal Brendon

Big Brother 12 houseguest Kristen
Big Brother 12's Kristen & her hippie-tard
It's good that what the Big Brother 12 houseguests lack in strategy, they make up for in entertainment.

I can't even pick one moment as my favorite, but I've narrowed it down to three:

  • Rachel walks in on Britney making fun of her and wearing her extensions. She joins in and says in the Diary Room, "the highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone."
  • Britney admits Ragan is the worst houseguest to live with ... because of his awful flatulence.
  • Kristen's boyfriend -- his passive-aggressive reaction to Kristen's showmance, the fact that he even exists, everything about him was hilarious.

I mean, really, Kristen's boyfriend was kind of a douche bag, wasn't he? I say she's better off without him. Now she can start her secret love affair with Brendon!

Oh, is that not actually happening?

I guess somebody should tell Rachel so she can stop going on about everyone trying to come between her and her man.


But enough of Rachel's delusions, back to reality!

Remember how much I love when people are clueless on Big Brother? Well, Brendon and Rachel are beyond clueless. Rachel admits to Julie that they're trying to bring Britney into their alliance. Britney ... who has spent the past few days telling the Brigade everything Brendon and Rachel do and say. Then Kristen suspects that Hayden is starting an alliance with the guys, and Brendon uses it as his reason to vote against her, saying she's making up lies.

Kristen used her suspicion to campaign, but it didn't work and she was voted off, only getting a vote from Kathy.

The HOH competition is another long one, so we were left unfulfilled on that front. But the HOH will have the chance to open Pandora's Box and unknowingly unleash the new saboteur, Ragan. I was kind of hoping Enzo would win, but Ragan needs some power in this game.

Do you think the HOH will open Pandora's Box? What were your favorite moments in this episode?


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