'The Situation' Gets a New Situation

The Situation: Future Emmy Nominee?
File this one under cultural Armageddon. Entertainment Weekly reports that Mike Sorrentino, whom you may know as "The Situation" from Jersey Shore, is being wooed for a real acting job. (No, I'm not kidding.) The gel-headed reality show star has been approached to play fitness guru Ritchie "The V" Genero on the Fox television series Bones. (Nope. Still not kidding.)

Apparently series creator Hart Hanson is putting together an episode "inspired" by the guidos and guidettes of the hit MTV show and must feel that the abdominally blessed assistant manager of a Staten Island fitness center is just the one who can bring it to life.

Tell that to the thousands of out-of-work actors out there.


Yeah, I get it. Jersey Shore equals viewers. But stunt casting only guarantees extra pairs of eyeballs glued to the set for one week. Sure, the show gains an audience for that Very Special Episode, but you've still got to deliver to bring them back. And I'm pretty sure that any new viewers Bones acquires for Sorrentino's star turn won't return for an encore.

I'm a fan of reality TV. I really am. But it is what it is. Leave the acting to actors.

What do you think? Should reality stars snag jobs from trained actors?

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