Sue Sylvester's Mom Is Carol Burnett? Yes!

sue sylvesterSo what's the one thing better than Jane Lynch playing Sue Sylvester on Glee? That would be Carol Burnett playing Sue Sylvester's mom on Glee.  

Fans of the show are aware that the loony coach of the Cheerios has mentioned her parents before, describing them as, yes, you're reading this right --  Nazi-hunters. (Clearly they've channeled the Sylvester craziness for the purposes of good, not evil.) Ms. Burnett has been tapped to play the huntress, but so far there are no plans for anyone to play Sue's pop. (Tim Conway? Pretty please?)

Now as long as Glee's producers are procuring insanely wonderful classic comic actresses to appear as parents on the show, may I make a few suggestions?


How about Betty White as Emma's mother? Growing up around Ms. White's raunchy persona could surely cause a daughter to do the ultimate about-face and become the antithesis of the much-beloved, yet eternally-horny characters of White's creation. After all, Emma Pillsbury is really the anti-Sue Ann Nivens, isn't she?

Or what about Cloris Leachman as Will Schuester's mom? You can easily see where he'd get his love of showbiz from -- that woman must have been born on a stage. And we have surefire proof that she can dance. It's a natural, right?

What do you think?  What other icons would like to see do a guest turn on Glee?

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