'The Real World: New Orleans' Recap: The Toothbrush Saga Continues

Ryan with cops
Bring in the big boys!
If you watched The Real World: New Orleans this week, you were probably left wondering one thing -- can you actually be arrested for peeing on your roommate's toothbrush? 

While the "whodunit toothbrush incident," as Eric called it, left even the cops stumped, there were a few moments during Episode 6 that should absolutely warrant criminal charges. 


First, it should never take six adults to kill a single cockroach. When the roommates got a surprise visit from a creepy crawler in the beginning of the episode, even Knight was a bit squeamish. Isn't he supposed to be a big goon on the hockey rink?

Next, feeling up your girlfriend (Knight and Jemmye) in front of her mom and then comparing breast size is a major no no. I don't care if you're from Wisconsin or Mississippi, that just shouldn't be legal. 

As for the main offense of the week, Ryan finally found out that Preston peed on his toothbrush and the "cold war" between them reached a boiling a point. Ryan tried to handle the situation by rocking himself gently in the kitchen and repeating, "Don't take it personally; it's nothing against you." When that didn't work, he decided to take it personally and call the cops. 

Of course, Ryan's plan to teach Preston a lesson didn't exactly pan out and there were no criminal charges filed. On a side note, Preston was remarkably calm and collected when dealing with the cops ... it's almost like he's done this before. Is he a serial toothbrush offender? Has he left a trail of urine and defiled personal products stretching from his hometown all the way to New Orleans?

Because nobody on the show seemed to be up on their peeing penal code, I decided to do a little Googling myself. While I didn't find any concrete answers in terms of urination laws, I did stumble upon the official police report for the whole toothbrush fiasco. It turns out Ryan claimed he contracted a viral infection as a result of using the soiled toothbrush. Curiously, MTV left this part out of the show's plot line. 

In the end, Ryan and Preston decided to shake and make up and all was right once again in the Real World. That is until MTV cued up the creepy music and Preston's debit card went missing ... 

Did you watch The Real World this week? Have we seen the end of Ryan and Preston's war?


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