'Big Brother 12' Recap: A Showmance Dies ... Is The Brigade Next?

Big Brother 12 showmance Brendon and Rachel
Big Brother 12 annoying showmance Brendon & Rachel
Dear Big Brother 12,

I wanted to like Rachel and Brendon, I really did.

Brendon is hot and Rachel is ... entertaining. But, really?! Rachel is getting unbearably annoying and Brendon seems to genuinely feel for her, but neither really plays the game.

Okay, they're winning competitions, which is more than we can say for a lot of the other players. But their actual strategy beyond that is non-existent.

Watching Rachel give the worst apology in history to Krayden (Krisden?) just to make Brendon happy was not only strange, it was a stupid move in the game. And they're both so concerned about hurting each other's feelings that they're not talking strategy.  

I'd appreciate it if you passed the message along, or give them less airtime.




As I get ready to send this note over to Big Brother, let's discuss the rest of the show.

There was a POV competition, which Britney won. The competition wasn't that exciting, though you couldn't tell with how much time they spent on it. Other prizes: Enzo won a 3D flat-screen, Ragan can play in next week's veto comp, Rachel won $5K, Kristen wore a tie-dye unitard, and Hayden got 24 hours of solitary confinement.

After Hayden and Kristen attempted to make a (fake) final four deal -- again -- Britney would have taken Hayden off the block if Kathy was sure to go up in his place. After Rachel threw Lane's name in the mix, Britney got scared and left nominations the same.

I'll take this moment to say it's clear to me that the top competitors in the game are Brendon (two POVs), Rachel (two HOHs), and Britney (two POVs), so they need to get it together and form a discreet alliance if they're smart.

Besides the game-play, this episode was basically the "Showmance Hour." After giving us enough Brenchel to last a lifetime, it was all about Kristen and Hayden, with some funny quips from Britney and Meow Meow thrown in the mix. (My favorite of the night was Britney ridiculing Brendon's weird POV host voice, saying "You’re a homo sapien, Brendon! You’re not a wizard!")

Kristen and Hayden had some cute moments this episode, like crying with each other and touching each other's fingers under the door ... I think Big Brother was trying to milk this showmance for all it's worth since one of them is leaving this week. That's cool and all, but I'm fine with the showmance ending and I'm ready for one of them to go home.

Kristen is almost certainly leaving, but wouldn't it be great if Hayden was voted off and The Brigade was in disarray?! Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part ...

Are you happy to see Kristen (or Hayden) leave? Are you as annoyed by Brenchel as I am?


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