'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Is Whodunit an SAT Word?

Pretty Little Liars Ian Harding
If you're not watching Pretty Little Liars, you're missing some worthy eye-candy (like Ian Harding).
Ack! One episode to go before the summer finale of my favorite new guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, and instead of finally cluing us in, they're just making things more complicated!

Every time I think I've figured out who our Gossip Girl from the grave A. is, they throw another suspect into the mix. And you won't believe who it was this week!


So our fear-filled foursome is all about the SATs this week. In fact, the girls get together to go over vocabulary words -- but Emily is a no show. Hmmm ... what up with that?

SAT day dawns gray and stormy, but the clique still show up at school for the test -- along with pretty much everyone else the girls know. The storm is causing road closings and other general chaos, so everyone's just hanging out.

Slimy detective Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson) gleefully breaks the news to the girls that while they were delivering thoughtful eulogies at Alison's funeral yesterday, someone was out doing a bang-up job on the memorial in the park.

Only Emily (Shay Mitchell) doesn't seem super-shocked by the news. And when Detective Wilden questions her whereabouts, she strategically lets the girls cover for her. A few minutes later, she gets a text from A. about Great Expectations, so she goes looking for the book in the library -- alone. Will that girl never learn? Naturally, weird things start going down in the library as Emily reads through a dogeared copy of the book, which happens to have the letter she wrote to Alison three days before her death. But then, tun tun tun -- the letter and Em's bag go missing. Eeeps.

Meanwhile, meanie Mona (Janel Parrish) is throwing daggers at Hanna's (Ashley Benson) new pal Lucas (Brendan Robinson), whom she's not-so-lovingly dubbed Hermie. As in hermaphrodite. But Hanna's grown fond of Lucas, so she tells Mona to quit the name-calling -- or else. Besides, Lucas just helped her nab another $91 by selling crap on eBay, so he's cool, right? Except for those seriously muddy tennis shoes, which reveal that he, too, might have been mucking around in the park last night. Perhaps destroying a loving memorial to Alison, whom he previously called a real bitch? Let's add him to the ever-growing suspect list, since outcast dude Toby is still MIA.

Spencer's (Troian Avery Bellisario) new wrong-side-of-the-tracks boyfriend Alex (Diego Boneta) is there, too, along with Spencer's stiff lawyer mom, which is causing Little Miss Imperfect some major stress. Apparently, mom and ball boy Alex had some secret altercation that left lots of tension between them.

Then there's Aria (Lucy Hale), who's finally, maybe, perhaps moving on from her short-lived but meaningful fling with hottie English teacher Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). She's chilling with dreamboat Noel (Brant Daugherty), who's sweet and smart and even plays guitar. They're just about to kiss when Mr. Fitz shows up, all stormy and sad. He's been in New York, he tells Aria, trying to sort things out and get some distance. So where does that leave them? If next week's sneak peek is to be believed, there's still plenty of heat in this relationship.

Anyway, so things come to a head when Det. Wilden gathers the girls to tell them he's found Emily's bag -- and the letter, which revealed Emily's unrequited crush on the deceased girl. Oh, and she's also got the figurines from the smashed memorial stashed in her bag. So did she do it? The girls call him out, saying that there's no way Emily did it. And Emily insists she was just trying to salvage what was left, that she went there to apologize to Alison for all the mean things she said in that letter.

But before he can say another world, Spencer's cutthroat lawyer mom (Lesley Fera) barges in, telling him he's got no right questioning the girls, all minors, without a warrant or an adult present -- and that Wilden's newfound evidence is therefore inadmissible in court.

So who destroyed the memorial? Emily? Toby? Lucas? And who's A.? Next week's summer finale is sure to be a doozy! Can't wait to watch!

Who do you think destroyed the memorial?

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