'The Bachelorette': Are Ali and Roberto Still Together?

ali and roberto still togetherIn the grand history of Bachelor/Bachelorette pairings, the breakup watch has officially begun following last night's finale.

Ali took a risk going with Roberto, who wasn't shy about expressing his reservations. But in the end Roberto dropped to a knee and made the engagement official. Is he still questioning his commitment to the bubbly blonde?


The couple appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, another rite of passage for stars of the reality series, and were very cute together. They said they have been together, in hiding, for three months now and were all smiles and giggles.

Kimmel also tried to get to the bottom of the longevity of the couple by showing the pair that People magazine readers chose Chris over Roberto, and he pointedly asked Ali if something "weird or terrible" was going to happen before the two made it to the altar.

Ali had to look back at Roberto first before she said no, nothing weird or terrible was going to happen. And she checked in with Roberto again before saying they both had faith in their relationship. Hmmm. Not exactly confident, but neither Ali nor Roberto seemed to be running for the door either.

However, when Jimmy asked if they had a wedding date, Ali stammered, "Maybe in the spring, we're thinking."

Do you think Ali and Roberto are going to make it that long?


Image via ABC

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