New 'American Idol' Judge: The Job That Nobody Wants

jennifer lopez
Is she the next judge?
Is being a judge on American Idol the worst job in America? I'm beginning to think so now that Ellen DeGeneres has bowed out, and no one seems willing to fill her vacancy (not to mention Simon Cowell's).

Rumors are swirling that AI producers approached Elton John and Barry Manilow about joining the judging panel for Season 10 -- both said no -- before settling on Jennifer Lopez as their third choice. But even J-Lo has yet to confirm that she is the newest judge.

What's going on? Are big-name celebrities leery of signing on with the sinking ship that is American Idol?

While we wait on the edge of our seats for Fox to announce the new judges, here are six celebrities who we'd love to see on the American Idol panel (and who are a little more exciting than Barry Manilow) ...



When it comes to potential AI judges, this rapper's got a stacked resume: He's a respected, Grammy-winning musician, and his special talent is making nasty insults sound like poetry. Plus, he's so grouchy and pissed off all the time: How entertaining would that be to watch each week?


The Situation and Pauly D

The Situation raps; Pauly D is a deejay -- I challenge you to find a pair with more musical talent. True, we'd need a slang dictionary and a translator to understand their critiques. And, they'd probably hit on all the female contestants backstage ... maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.


Jessica Simpson

I'd like to cast an emphatic vote in favor of this pop princess -- whose name has been floated as a potential replacement -- joining the panel. She has the music background, is camera-ready, blah blah blah, but let's cut to the chase: You know she'd dazzle us with her intelligence each and every night.



What does it take to get a little eye candy on the AI judging panel? Seriously.


Neil Patrick Harris

Lest you lose all faith in my pop culture cred, I offer up Neil, my one serious suggestion. He's funny. He's adorable. He's got musical and hosting talent. He did a great job when he was a guest judge on AI last season. What's not to like?


Kanye West

The outspoken musical genius would be an awesome judge -- if he can keep from storming the stage and encouraging all the contestants to cover Beyonce. And won't it be hilarious at the end of the season to see him get angry when he finds out that he doesn't win?


Who do you think would be the best choice for American Idol judge?


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