Should Chris Lambton From 'The Bachelorette' Be the Next Bachelor?

Chris LambtonI've been Team Chris for the past several weeks of watching The Bachelorette, but I have to admit, I think that Roberto was a better choice for Ali. The chemistry between the two was undeniable. That being said, Chris Lambton should totally be the next bachelor!


He's ready for love now. This experience taught him how to open up his heart, and now it's his turn to find someone to love forever -- or at least for a few months after the show has wrapped.

What girl wouldn't want a guy that is undeniably sweet, kind, loving, amazingly handsome, and a great family man? Well, except for Ali. I'm pretty sure she's the only woman in America not in love with him right now.

Watching Chris this season tugged at my heartstrings. The whole mom thing shows what an amazing guy he is, and he'd clearly make a fantastic husband. I guarantee that if he's the next bachelor, ABC is going to get a record number of entries (pick mine!).

On the other hand, he's almost too sweet to be the Bachelor. Sure in the end, he may find true love, but the process has gotta be weary on the heart. Do you really think that the producers are going to choose 25 women that are appropriate for him? No, they're going to get maybe 5, and the rest are going to be crazies. I wouldn't want to see Chris go through any more heartache.

Wow, I think I have a serious TV crush on this guy!

Would you want to see Chris L. as the next Bachelor?


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