Ali and Roberto Prove Reality Steve Wrong, Ha!

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto MartinezOh he of all the knowledge, the spiller of secrets, the sultan of spoilers; he has fallen. That’s right, Reality Steve was wrong!

The blogger bent on ruining reality television for the masses got a lot right throughout this season of The Bachelorette, but when it came to his final call that Ali “left Bora Bora a single woman,” his sources were wrong.  

Really wrong, and I can’t stop smirking! I bet Ali and Roberto and ABC can’t either.

Still somehow privy to inside information, just hours before last night’s episode, Reality Steve posted a less-than-humble mea culpa on his site:


"So for the first time in a year, my sources failed me. They actually called to apologize for jumping the gun on the 'Ali is single' stuff. They said that through all the information they had gathered and heard, the only conclusion they could come to was that Ali was single. They were wrong. They apologize, and I apologize. When they're wrong, I'm wrong. But that's ok. I've been wrong for the last six weeks in telling you that she's single. As long as you know what's gonna happen in the finale before it airs, that's all I care about. They tried to keep this as hidden as they could, and I will give them credit, they were awfully good about it this season. It took me a month to even get to the 'she's either with Roberto or she's single' conclusion, which I printed in June. Then three days later I went with 'she's single.' That is not the case."

Bitter much, Steve? 

It serves him right for trying to be such a spoil sport!

It's not like he's going to hang his head in defeat and go away, but at least now we know he's not infallible, which makes reality television all the more fun again.

Bring on Bachelor Pad!  

Are you glad Reality Steve was wrong about The Bachelorette ending?

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