Kristy Lee Cook Takes a 'Shot' at Fame With Hunting Reality Show

kristy lee cookFormer American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook wants a new record deal more than anything. But until that day comes, she's content mowing down deer, bear, and any other wild animal that crosses her path on Goin' Country, her hunting reality show.

If you remember back in 2008, the country singer wore a hat with a Browning logo during one of her performances; the firearms company is now a sponsor of the eight-episode series, which runs on sporting network Versus and features an unlikely combo of B-list celebrities and dead animals ...

Here's the premise in a nutshell:


Each episode features Cook on a different hunt (turkey, bear, deer, etc.) joined by such stars as former Idol contestant Blake Lewis, Grammy-nominated artist Jake Owen, and country music star Aaron Tippin. Who knew there were so many hunting-loving celebs?

Along the way, Cook discusses the difficult "hunt" (heh) for a new country record deal; her first album, Why Wait, was released in 2008 on Arista Nashville, but since then she and the record company have gone their separate ways.

And to those fans who maybe don't love killing animals for sport as much as Cook, she had this to say: 

"I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it. It's the food chain. Animals are here for us to eat. In my family we grew up without a lot of money so I take all this meat home and anything that's left we give to homeless shelters or orphanages so all the meat is going somewhere and I get to feed all these people ... Plus, now I know if anything were to happen in this world I know I would be ok because I can shoot my own animals."

You know, I was sort of with her there, until I watched the show's trailer, which shows the sad demise of more than a few deer. Hopefully, at least for the deer's sake, that record deal is just around the corner.

Are you offended by hunting shows? Will you tune into Goin' Country?

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