'Big Brother 12' Recap: Catfights and Chaos -- 'Bring It On!'

Big Brother 12 houseguest Kristen
Big Brother 12's Kristen, in happier times

This week, Big Brother 12 treated us to not one but two fights.

The first was Kristen and Hayden arguing with Andrew on eviction night after he revealed their secret showmance. This was short, but sweet, mostly because of Andrew's calm demeanor and insistence that he's not lying. In contrast, Hayden and Kristen were so worked up that I have no idea why anybody would still question their showmance.

Then Kristen and Rachel had a huge fight after the HOH competition. Rachel said Kristen and Hayden were kissing the night before. She was also upset because Kristen supposedly admitted she was going after Brenchel (the footage showed she didn't). Rachel bragged about her wins and announced she was going after the floaters.

The houseguests were quite entertained, and so were we.


When they weren't fighting, there was trouble in paradise as Rachel and Kristen upset their showmance partners.

Things are getting tense between Brendon and Rachel as she keeps making their targets bigger. He can't be happy that Rachel's having explosive fights with people, and he admits in the Diary Room that he's worried about Rachel's speech at the nomination ceremony. After nominating Kristen and Hayden, Rachel tells those who are going after Brenchel to "bring it on." I'm with Brendon on this one -- it's not a good move.

Kristen's game-play isn't much better. First, she refuses to accept Rachel's apology, and then she doesn't even go up to Rachel's HOH room reveal. She tells Hayden that she wants to take a stand, but as soon as he suggests that she go up to talk to Rachel, she caves. When you have a fight with the new HOH, it's good to play nice, but once you decide not to, any attempt at reconciling appears fake. The lack of follow-through is a bad move.

In other general cattiness, I'm sure Britney's happy that Monet's exit didn't mean she had to completely stop her trash-talking. It seems Monet was easily replaced by Rachel. Instead of using bubble bath time to relax, they use it to talk about everything they hate about Kristen. It's nice to see you bonding, ladies.

Combine all of this with the "she's just so jealous of me" line of the season, and Big Brother proves once again that it's basically just high school for grown-ups.

Were you as excited as Ragan to see the drama explode? Who do you think is going home this week?


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