'True Blood' Recap: The Mystery of Sookie Stackhouse Deepens

The big question of the night on season 3's seventh episode of True Blood:

What is Sookie Stackhouse?

***Spoiler Alert***

As Sookie lay in a coma, after a vicious blood-sucking attack from her deliriously hungry ex Bill Compton, we got several clues to Sookie's mysterious background. First, we learned that she has no blood type, confirming the fact that she is indeed something other than a simple human.

Then, we learned that the light we have seen shoot out from inside of her at times of trouble comes from some kind of mystical light pool from which she and several other nymph-like women can drink. We also learned that it may be extinguished if she continues to swap blood with Bill Compton.

The other big news on last night's episode was the death of the vampire Lorena who made Bill. I can't say I was sorry to see her go, and I doubt anyone else was either. Her character was pretty whiny and irritating for someone who was allegedly so old and wise.

Good riddance.


And kudos to HBO on the amusing "postmortem" on the relationship of Bill and Lorena, which lasted roughly 150 years. The one-minute long clip reel of their relationship only made it that much clearer to me how relieved I was to see her get staked.

The more I watch these recent episodes, the more I start to wonder whether Bill is a bad guy after all. I cannot believe that after two seasons of selling us this great love story that he may in fact be somehow plotting to destroy Sookie and her family.

In other news, Sookie's brother Jason continued to pursue the woman he has recently fallen in love with after knowing not much more than her name (Crystal).

Some of the funniest lines of the night came from exchanges about her, including the part where Jason says he suspects she was named after the champagne and his friend Hoyt told him it was more likely that her middle name was meth.

On the vampire politics front, Eric frees himself from the drug charges and rescues Pam from the magistrar's torture. The Queen of Louisiana and the King of Mississippi tie the knot. Eric seems to be one step ahead of everyone else at this point, but Russell is not one to be underestimated.

Though we saw Sam briefly and he rescued his brother from the dog fighting ring after it was revealed that his birth family was, indeed, involved in illegal (and awful) dog fights as human shape-shifters, this episode focused primarily on the drama between Sookie and Bill.

I've missed seeing the two of them together as I think the actors have great chemistry and I was always firmly entrenched on Team Bill (over Team Eric), so I'm pretty curious to see where these next episodes will take us.

Is Bill a bad guy? Is Sookie some kind of mystical creature?

Only time will tell.

What did you think of last night's episode?

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