'Big Brother 12' Recap: Captain Kosher's Out and So's the Secret Showmance

Big Brother 12 Kristen and Hayden
Big Brother 12's not-so-secret showmance
Big Brother 12
is going to be GREAT this week! But let's review this episode first, because it was awesome.

For some reason, Andrew was shocked that nobody believed he was going after Brenchel. They showed him crying all over the place, and I guess the emotions got to him because he ended up in a huge, loud fight with Kristen. Somehow he thought the best way to win the house back was to reveal Kristen and Hayden's secret showmance during his final plea. Oh, and he said Kristen and Hayden were talking behind everyone's back.

Strong play, Captain Kosher.

It was a horrible move for his game, but wonderful for the rest of us.


Andrew's reveal backfired (duh) and he was unanimously voted out. The house was still reeling from Andrew's speech when the HOH competition started. Brendon threw it, maybe Kathy did too, and somehow Rachel wins HOH. Again.

Seriously, could this episode get any better?!

Just ten minutes after the competition, Kristen and Rachel are arguing because it seems Rachel said she heard or saw Kristen and Hayden (Krisden? Hayten?) kissing.

I'm telling you -- this week is going to be GREAT! Everyone's going to be upset that Rachel won, Kristen and Hayden will have to keep denying or come clean, The Brigade might turn on Hayden ... the possibilities are endless.

Julie reveals the saboteur news I hinted at earlier: America will vote for a new potential saboteur. If they accept, they will wreak havoc for two weeks and get $20k if they're not found out or evicted. But they can decline and continue playing the game without a saboteur. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Though at the rate we're going, we won't need a saboteur with all the drama in the house.

Another highlight of the show was seeing Matt's wife express her disappointment at him saying she has a disease. Why she then wrote a letter to help his lie if she was so dismayed, I don't know, but whatever -- it's not my relationship.

Are you looking forward to the drama this week? Who do you think America will vote as potential saboteur?


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