'Bethenny Getting Married' Recap: Bryn Hoppy Will Spark Population Explosion

Bethenny Frankel and Bryn HoppyIt would be a hard-hearted woman who didn't shed a tear or feel the tiniest little tinge to have a baby after watching Bethenny Getting Married this week. Bryn Hoppy is so adorable that I'm convinced birth rates will rise because of her.

Tears were jerked right off the bat in the emotional episode in which they brought baby Bryn home. Jason's parents' reaction when Bethenny Frankel told them Bryn's name, in honor of their son who was killed at age 19, was incredible; no wonder Jason is such a good guy.

Then there was Bethenny's revelation to Jason about why she wanted a girl so much.


"I wanted to give a girl what I didn't have -- a relationship with her mother that I didn't have."

Jason's breakdown when he realized the magnitude of his parents losing a child when he loved Bryn so much after just a few days was one of the most touching moments I've seen in reality TV.

I cried when they introduced Bryn to the dog, and I even got misty when Bethenny had her first margarita (Skinny Girl, of course).

The most emotional moments, however, came when Bryn got camera time. She is the cutest, sweetest, tiniest little package of perfection. All I could think of was when I brought my own tiny little preemie home.

Thank God there were comedic moments, because I was in need of a sob break. Jason and Bethenny trying -- unsuccessfully -- to get the car seat out of the car definitely lightened things up.

"I went to get-your-baby-out-of-the-car school, and now the baby has to live in the car," Bethenny said before the nurse came and rescued Bryn.

There were also some memorable Max (her assistant) moments, like him making the most awkward date request ever, and a really rude stylist who kept calling him Fraggle Rock (what was that all about?!).

The rest of the episode showed Bethenny experiencing some of the realities of motherhood, like sleep deprivation and fearing for her baby's safety.

All in all, it was a great episode that took me back to my children's newborn days. And while we're done, really done, when it comes to having more children, nothing -- or rather no one -- has made me rethink that stance like little Bryn Hoppy.

How much did you cry while watching Bethenny Getting Married tonight?


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