'SYTYCD' Top 6 Results Show - And Then There Were 4 (But Really Only 2)

When I heard that Lauren would appear in last night's results episode of SYTYCD, I was elated. And then to one-up my elation were the words spoken by Nigel which revealed that Lauren would be staying in the competition. I can't remember his words exactly -- I was that excited.



I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me rewind for a moment.

The bottom three were Jose (no surprise), Billy (not that surprising), and Lauren (a total shock to the system, especially standing up there against Robert). My assumption is that her mysterious injury last night made people nervous, and hesitant to vote for her. It's the only logical assumption. The girl is a genius. Adam Shankman said he felt as though he had just witnessed an All-Star dance, after watching Lauren's final performance.

My money is on her to win all the way. Kent is definitely a fan favorite and since the ultimate decision is now in America's hands and no longer the judges, anything can happen. My personal belief is that the judges would choose Lauren as the best dancer. But this isn't about the best dancer, this is about America's favorite dancer.

In my mind Robert and Ade'Chike' pose no threat to the title -- but again, the fate of the winner now rests in the hands of the people -- not the experts.

I have to be honest, I kind of wish the judges picked the winner. Nobody knows better than them who should win -- but again, this isn't about the best, this is about the favorite (hence Russell's win last year).

Best of luck Lauren, I'm pulling for you!

Quote of the night: "I'm not just a B-boy anymore -- I'm a dancer." - Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz

What did you think of the results?

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