'Real World: New Orleans' Recap: Jemmye's Big Confession

The budding relationship between Jemmye and Knight took center stage once again in Episode 5 of The Real World: New Orleans. Jemmye had a secret to reveal, but before we got there, we watched as the universe sent McKenzie a messenger in the form of a blond spring breaker. His mission? To teach McKenzie that blacking out isn't cool. Also, Ashlee and Preston lost their recorder, which means their Pulitzer for investigative journalism will have to wait. 

Now back to Jemmye ...


She warmed our hearts from the get-go with her Southern accent and vajayjay tattoo. But it wasn't until this week that Jemmye began to reveal herself as the complex character that she is. 

I couldn't help but feel for Jemmye when Knight flirted with the girl at the bar and then obnoxiously tried to invite her back home. Come on Knight, leave the riff-raff at The Beach. 

Jemmye didn't fare any better the next day at Kodi's basketball game. I can't decide if Jemmye was lucky to have Ashlee there or not. On one hand, it's nice to have a friend around when your boyfriend completely ignores you; however, Ashlee seemed all too pleased to point out the obvious -- that the situation was "mad awkward."

It was right around this point that I started thinking that Jemmye should ditch both Kodi and Knight and go for Eric, who by the way has to be one of the more interesting roommates (he works for the State Department and he's a stand-up comic!). But then Knight, like the warrior who once earned himself a "white boy v-card," returned from the trenches to do good.

I was surprised, maybe even impressed by his reaction to Jemmye's secret (which was that she had been abused by a former boyfriend). True, I think domestic abuse would qualify as something more than a "pet peeve," but he seemed genuinely affected by the news. 

Despite his blase attitude toward Jemmye earlier in the episode, Knight came through. Thankful for the support, Jemmye confessed, "I appreciate this dude, I really do."

And, you know, at that moment I kind of did, too. 

Did you watch The Real World this week? Were you surprised by Knight's reaction to Jemmye's confession? 


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