'SYTYCD' Top 6: The Ultimate Showdown With a Cliffhanger to Boot!

Last night's episode of SYTYCD was without a doubt one of my all-time favorites to date. These Top 6 contestants are no joke. With the exception of Jose (who wins me over with his smile and humility alone), these are the greatest top dancers I believe have ever graced the SYTYCD stage. I don't look forward to seeing Jose and whoever else gets the lowest amount of votes go home ...


Now, let me be clear, I love Jose. He is an incredible B-boy and the sweetest kid to ever stand next to the amazingly tall and elegant Cat Deeley (sweet God, I love her). His smile alone must win him millions of votes. But if we're getting into technical ability, which at this point we should be, then Jose stands out as the obvious contestant to leave. He rocks in his style, but he's proven week after week that his growth in other areas of dance has fallen short.

I will be very sad to see him to go. His charisma alone is hypnotizing.

Beyond what I consider an easy call with Jose, I have absolutely no idea what the judges will decide tomorrow night. Everyone else's performances tonight were incredible. Robert and All-Star Catherine's contemporary piece about a soldier (twist revealed at the end that it's Catherine going to war, when everyone assumed it was Robert) was spell-bounding. The emotion in the room was palpable.

Kent was absolutely incredible in not only his paired performances, but his solo as well.

Not to mention Billy's final routine of the night; a contemporary piece danced alongside All-Star Ade, which brought both the crowd and the judges to their feet. It was a truly incredible piece, where for the first time you really felt Billy had matured as a dancer.

But of course, the night must end in mystery with Lauren missing from the stage during the credits as Cat revealed that Lauren was with the medics and that they did not know what the situation was, but they were hoping it was nothing.

Great. There goes the best (and only female) dancer of the season.

These injuries are historical for this show. The curse of Season 7 will surely be spoken about in seasons to come.

Highlight of the night: Mia's hair -- that was a seriously product-filled faux hawk. I'm not going to lie -- I liked it.

Quote of the night: "Dance the intention." -- Adam Shankman

Blunder of the night: Nigel saying something to the effect of, "We've never seen this on American Idol before." Uh, wrong show, dude. Talk about a senior moment.

Who do you think will go home tonight?

Image via Fox

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