'Big Brother 12' Recap: Is Andrew Going Home, Ninja Outfit and All?

Big Brother 12 Brendon and Rachel
Big Brother 12 showmance Brendon & Rachel
The thing to remember in Big Brother 12 is that while you're expecting the unexpected, you must also expect the darn-well likely.

When I predicted last week that Andrew would come off the block and Rachel would be backdoored, I forgot one tiny problem: Brendon.

In the absolute worst case scenario, the POV players this week were HOH Matt, nominees Kathy and Andrew, Lane, and ... both Brendon and Rachel.

And ... everybody freaked out. Woops.


In the first counting game this season, everyone takes a guess at how many candles, fortune cookies, fish eyes, etc. there are. The only Brigade members playing, Matt and Lane, were the first out. Of course, the inevitable happened and Brendon won the POV, after a close game with Andrew.

And can I say, poor Andrew! I felt awful for him in this episode. First, Rachel puts peaches in the iced tea so the Have Nots can't drink it. He won't formally make an alliance with Brendon because he doesn't want Rachel as an ally (smart thinking, there). He's caught up in Matt's plan and clearly losing out. Then he makes the weirdest move ever: he makes a speech at the POV ceremony saying he's going after Brenchel. He's just not having a good week.

See, Andrew, let me explain Big Brother to you. If you're a floater and you're potentially up as a pawn, your best move is to quietly campaign for votes. Drawing attention to yourself is bad. What's especially bad is loudly saying you're going after the only person everyone thinks you're in an alliance with. Maaaaybe distancing yourself from that alliance when talking to people in private might also work. At a POV ceremony, not even close.

So I guess I probably shouldn't feel so bad for him since that last thing is his own fault. But, still, I do. Because he's probably going home this week.

Which will be too bad because then Lane won't get to learn about other cultures. At least he was able to learn that Jews wear ninja outfits when they pray, and that's a very valuable lesson. (He was joking when he said that, right? Gosh, I hope he was joking.)

Do you think speaking up was a bad move on Andrew's part? Is he safe this week?


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