Forget 'Growing Up Twisted' -- These Rockers Need Their Own Show

Dee Snider's familyThe leaders of the hair metal band era are rising their wrinkled tan bodies from the ashes of years of hard partying and drug use, resurrecting in the form of bad reality TV. Ozzy Osbourne led the way with his MTV show The Osbournes, Gene Simmons has a similar family-style show called Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Bret Michaels tried his hand at finding love on VH1's Rock of Love, and now Dee Snider is the latest to join the rocker-turned-reality star club with a show on A&E called Growing Up Twisted, and the first two episodes debuted last night. 

The former Twisted Sister's family seems fairly normal (as far as reality TV goes). He and his wife, Suzette Snider, have seemingly raised four semi-ordinary kids who are all in their teens or twenties. The show will follow their day-to-day life and whatever drama comes of it.

Since we seem to be on a rocker-turned-reality star kick, here are five more rockers we'd like to see on reality TV.


Tommy Lee: With a history that includes sex tapes, Pamela Anderson, and lighting his own hand on fire by playing with sparklers, you know that it would be an eventful show.

Steve Perry: The dude needs a gig and has often said that he missed performing. Okay, so a reality show wouldn't exactly be comparable to his Journey heyday, but I'd watch it. As long as he sporadically busted out with "Don't Stop Believin'."

Bruce Springsteen: I know this show would have at least one avid fan -- my mom (obsessed doesn't even cover how much she loves Springsteen). But I would definitely be up for watching The Boss who is about as energetic now as he was back in 1982.

Axl Rose: Notorious for causing riots at his concerts because of his temper-tantrum ways, Axl's huffiness would translate well to reality TV.

Steven Tyler: I think he'd be good for another rocker family show even though the 62-year-old Aerosmith star is still touring. Not to mention guest appearances by bandmate Joe Perry and daughter Liv Tyler.

Who would you like to see get their own reality show?


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