Tom Staub Seems Sane for Someone Married to Danielle for 12 Years

Tom StaubAt last we met Tom Staub on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. He's the father of  Danielle's daughters, and the two were married for 12 years.

Stop and think about that -- 12 years living with Danielle. The man deserves a medal.

He looked so nice and sane as Danielle enthusiastically embraced him and his new (and much younger) wife Rebecca, gushing about how glad she was to see them there. He seemed uncomfortable but was there because he loves his girls. They clearly love him too, and perhaps it's his influence that has helped them develop into the lovely young ladies they are?


Meanwhile, Danielle chose that night -- when she knew they'd be there -- to sport for the first time since their divorce the seven-carat diamond ring he gave her. A pointed dig I'd say, especially because Tom's exercise equipment company filed for bankruptcy in May.

She made a point to mention that Tom's wife doesn't have one as big as hers.

The two met while Danielle was working as a stripper. He was married at the time (I said he appeared sane, not morally sound) and Danielle has made all sorts of accusations about him -- from cheating on her during their marriage to failure to provide child support. He reportedly tried to keep his girls -- Christine and Jillian -- from appearing on The Real Housewives, which just gives him more sanity points in my book.

In her book, The Naked Truth, Danielle talks about feeling like a prostitute because he provided her with money, but not true love.

I'm sure anyone who can put up with Danielle for 12 years must have his own set of issues, but it was nice to at least get a glimpse of the man who gave Danielle her current last name ... which she has dragged through more than a little mud.

What did you think of Tom Staub on The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night?


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