'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Danielle Staub Does Something Right

Christine StaubFor all of Danielle Staub's crazy and outrageous behavior, she has somehow managed to raise what appear to be two incredible daughters.

This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey focused on Staub's gorgeous daughter, Christine, and her Sweet 16 party. Christine, a working model, told the party planner she didn't even want a party until she came up with the idea of donating the money raised from the party to charity.

"I don't need it," she said.

Danielle, of course, immediately had to take credit.


"My daughter. I gave birth to her. I couldn't be prouder," she said, grinning from ear to ear.

Staub's other daughter, Jillian, 11, is an aspiring pop singer and song writer. The poor girl was so nervous to perform at her sister's party, but remained the adult true to herself throughout the preparations.

When Staub tried to push her into some sexy high-heeled boots, she retorted, "Mom, I'm 11, I don't wear heels."

LOVE her!

After a serious case of stage fright, profound pressure from Danielle ("I think this is going to be life changing"), and the welcome appearance of her father (Staub's former husband), Jillian gave an incredible performance of her original song "Sisters" to the packed room. 

It was really moving, and while I usually feel sorry for Danielle's daughters when I think of their destructive mother, today I gave a little cheer for their family.

Of course, after watching these girls shine with such a warm heart, Staub immediately threw a wet blanket on it by reminding us of her self-centered, antisocial personality disorder:

"I am the best mom in the world," she boasted post-party.

And then she even had to taint the good feelings about Christine's well-intentioned party with her bragging.

"It's a really, really expensive event, but since it's for charity, I got everything donated," she said.

Oh Danielle, a little humility would have been so much more becoming.

As for the other Housewives, Teresa and Joe Giudice celebrated their 10th anniversary with a helicopter ride and a hotel stay.

Before presenting her with a ginormous yellow diamond ring submerged in chocolate cake, Joe serenaded Teresa with the following poem: "Roses are red, violets are blue. Roses are beautiful and so are you."

So romantic and original ... but sweet nonetheless.

Really, they do seem very in love with each other, which is probably a good thing considering the fact that each other may soon be all they have.

Did you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week? What did you think?

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