'The Bachelorette' Men Tell All Recap: No Frank, No Justin, No Love for Ali's Hair

Ali FedotowskyOn "The Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette tonight, the men didn't tell us much we didn't already know. It was basically a big two-hour rehash of everything we've seen all season with a lot less drama and lot fewer of the guys I wanted to see on it.

Sure there were some funny outtakes, and The Phantom segment featuring Chris N. was hilarious. But all the banter between the men was pretty calm and civil and void of the drama I was hoping to see.


The big mystery guest just turned out to be Jessie, the girl who broke the news of Justin's two girlfriends. She offered nothing remarkable, and was probably getting paid in airtime for bringing that juicy plot twist to the attention of producers.

What is interesting is that Kirk is now said to be dating Jessie. The two supposedly met during the taping of this episode! Wonder what Ali thinks of that? 

While they found Frank selfish, most of the guys understood why he did what he did. The only person the guys got even a little heated over wasn't there -- Justin, aka "Rated R."

The ever-eloquent Craig R. spoke for the group and shot down statements Justin has made that the guys, the producers, and Chris Harrison were involved in his deceit.

"That was just an a#@hole being an a#@hole," he said.

He also rebuked claims Justin has made that they're friends.

"I'm not an extension of his family. I'm not a friend of his. The guy's evil .... None of us right now feel like what he did was cool .... I couldn't care less about him right now."

Craig M. would have spiced things up, but alas he and his cocky ways were absent, and sadly, so was Frank.

Frank will, however, make an appearance next week on the "After the Final Rose" show, which Chris Harrison REPEATEDLY told us.

Kasey remained true to his creepy, crazy nature, but was actually a bit more endearing. Well, he was until he had to go and sing one of his crazy songs again.

Some of the lyrics went a little like this: "But you left me on a glacier, and chose that dumb ass Rated R."

Still awkward and painful to watch, but he was a good sport and took a lot of ribbing from the guys for his romantic excess. He said he will go on to "guard and protect" another girl's heart.

Perhaps the most memorable takeaway from the night was Ali Fedotowsky's wretched rat's nest of a hairdo. I typically love her style, but what was that?

Did you watch The Bachelorette "Men Tell All" show last night? Thoughts? Did you find it as boring as I did?

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