'Big Brother 12' Recap: I Reckon Matt Might Win Big Brother

Big Brother 12 houseguest Matt
Big Brother 12 houseguest Matt
Big Brother 12
's first endurance competition was a bit of a let-down, but what it lacked in drama, the show made up for in laughs.

They had to stay on a surfboard that moved every which way, with water and wind pounding on them. It seemed that big feet were the biggest obstacles, yet somehow all three women competing fell off early. Of course, a bunch of the losers said in the Diary Room that they lost intentionally, either to stay under the radar or avoid being a Have Not for the week.

After two hours, Matt and Ragan were left. They spoke for a bit and Ragan admitted he wanted Matt to win, so it wasn't surprising when he fell off and Matt won HOH.


The episode was actually a bit slow, so Big Brother filled it with random moments in the house. The best was Britney teaching Enzo how to speak without his Jersey accent. Listening to Enzo practice words like "coffee" and start sentences with "I reckon" was almost as funny as him saying "give the Meow Meow a break."

But what this episode proved is that Matt is the one to beat this season. He's obviously not afraid of lying, but he's also not afraid of calling people out, like he did with Rachel and Brendon for not holding up their end of the deal last week. Most importantly, he makes risky moves and thinks several steps ahead, considering all of the possible outcomes.

Take, for example, his nominations. His alliance, The Brigade, wants him to put up Brendon and Rachel, but he makes an agreement with the showmance duo that he won't nominate them. Instead, he nominates Kathy and Andrew. He tells everyone his plan is to backdoor Brendon or Rachel, but he's actually fine with keeping his nominations intact.

He's in the perfect situation right now: If Kathy or Andrew win POV, his alliance will still think he had the best intentions, and if one of them comes off, he can backdoor Brendon or Rachel without too much of a mess. Everyone's happy for now and will likely be satisfied with Matt's efforts no matter what the POV outcome is.

I'm thinking Andrew will come off the block and Rachel will go up.

Do you think Matt has a good chance of winning this season? What do you think of his game play?


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