'Entourage' Recap: Why So Sensitive, Stamos?

john stamos entourageEvery season, the writers at Entourage throw a dud into the mix. Last night's episode was one such occasion. Stuff happened, sure. But stuff happens to you and me, too. What's interesting about that?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Except ... stars, they're boring like us. Not only that, they share our entire range of humdrum human conditions.

This week, Turtle got (sorta) played, Eric got jealous, Ari got nervous, Johnny got competitive, and Vinnie got a new cardigan.

Let's chalk it up to an ordinary week in the life, one that ended with an excursion to Vegas on a private plane. Sadly, the episode ended there. What happened in Vegas? Did something happen? Anything? We may never know.

What we do know from last night's episode, care of another Entourage celebrity cameo, is that John Stamos is a terrible loser.


Hands down, "the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude" is often the most entertaining part of any Entourage episode.

Yes, Stamos is sensitive, just like Damon is a guilt-tripper, Saget curses (and gets laid) like a sailor, and innocent little Jamie-Lynn Sigler doles out sex on planes.

Those things may or not be true, but even if the "dude playing the dude" is portrayed as a jerk, appearing on Entourage is a win-win for any actor or actress from A-to-Z. Why? Whereas an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice or Rehab reeks of desperation, doing the Entourage cameo proves to fans and detractors alike that you have a sense of humor about your celebrity, even during a spate of bad publicity. 

Take Stamos. He's had some unfavorable press as of late. First he was accused of having a spring break fling with a 17-year-old girl in 2004, which he claimed was little more than a "flirty" email relationship. Then she tried to extort him out of $680,000 by threatening to sell photos of him with strippers and cocaine.

Aha, that's why we didn't go to Vegas with the boys! Stamos likes to party, too.

Maybe not. The woman and her boyfriend were arrested and convicted in Federal Court earlier this month.

I have to say, prior to his recent troubles, I had not thought an iota about Uncle Jesse since his divorce from Rebecca Romijn, which I found perplexing (for some perplexing reason). I quickly chided myself for caring and moved on to other celebrity matters like pregnancies, arrests, and home renovations.

But when he came on the scene, the thought that hey, didn't something happen to him recently? did cross my mind. That was replaced by wow, he really is good-looking until I forgot all about what that something was because ... is he really that sensitive in real life?  

You see, Stamos has taken up ping-pong and Johnny is the Forrest Gump of the sport. As such, Stamos got creamed. Then he sulked off like only a sore loser can and we all know what those are like. Boo hoo.

Regardless of how Stamos loses in real life, cheers to him for playing a lame one on TV.

I wonder if Mel Gibson could make the world forget his recent (uh-hum) "issues" by doing a cameo on Entourage.


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