'Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami' Recap: Kourtney Finally Sees the (Slimy) Light

Tonight's episodeScott Disick of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami started out with the perfect foreshadowed setup as Kourtney Kardashian bubbled over with happiness about her fabulous life.

"Even though Scott and I have had our issues in the past, he is definitely a changed man since I've had Mason. Things are really in a perfect place."

Cue baby daddy Scott Disick's bad behavior and complete disregard for his family.


While his job is running a nightclub, and everyone is thankful he's at least finally working, it's a complete recipe for disaster.

Though he professes his family devotion to his friends and the media, his behavior speaks otherwise. He stays out all night, sleeps all day, and claims he has to do it for work. The DASH girls bust him when they tell Kim Kardashian, who's in town helping out, they've spotted him at other clubs all over town.

Kourtney continues to defend him, all the while calling him on the phone begging him to come home and help her with their baby. When Kim discovers two bottles of her wine are missing, she demands Kourtney confront Scott and ask him if he drank it.

Scott denies drinking the wine, and Kourtney defends him vehemently.

"Go hang out with Khloe and talk sh%t about Scott, you f$%@*ng bitches," she yells.

Then she goes up to Scott's hangout -- the rooftop -- and finds Kim's bottles of wine ... empty.

He's busted, and Kourtney finally starts to see the light -- that her baby daddy is a liar and slimeball.

And probably more accurately -- based on observations from the show and comments from her family -- an alcoholic.

Previews for next week show him punching what appears to be a mirror with lots of blood and an ambulance in the aftermath.

Perhaps the incident will spur Scott to get the help he needs, and if not, spur Kourtney to get out of this destructive relationship.

What did you think of Scott Disick's behavior on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami this week?

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