'Burn Notice' Recap: Burt Reynolds Breathes Life Into Show, But I Miss Kendra

Burt Reynolds in Burn Notice
Burt Reynolds in Burn Notice 
I'm still sad over the end of the Jesse & Kendra scenes on Burn Notice, but Burt Reynolds' guest appearance on "Past & Future Tense" last night was a nice change of pace. He played Paul Anderson, a retired spy from the Cold War who now has Russian spies coming after him.

Veering away from the usual chases and explosions (well ... not too much, it's still Burn Notice after all), the episode stands out for the connection between Paul and Michael. Although Paul wasn't burned, he wasn't exactly winning any medals when he retired, describing himself as "toasted." He kept pointing out things in Michael that reminded him of himself, making Michael think about what his life might be like in the future.

So that's Michael's future, but what about his past?


Fiona takes care of that by reflecting on Michael's past when helping Jesse. She takes time to warn Jesse about what happens when you become obsessed with finding out who burned you, and what the future is like even after you've gotten your answer. Of course, she's doing this partly to protect Michael, but it's still interesting to see Fi's perspective on Michael's life.

There was not nearly enough screen-time for Jesse in this episode, as his storyline barely moved this week. It wasn't until the end that we found out there's evidence of Jesse's innocence lingering -- and, therefore, Michael's guilt. The logs show Jesse entering twice and apparently the surveillance cameras are available for anybody with high enough clearance to see. I'm not sure why that didn't occur to them before, but I guess that's the next step in Jesse finding out the truth.

Did you enjoy this episode or is this season fizzling out for you?

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